Sort of a mixed bag between MCACC and Audyssey. One tried to make a single, primary position as great as possible, but potentially at the expense of other listening positions in the room, the other tried to make all listening locations good, but at a compromise of making a single spot great.

That is my understanding, and I could be way off on the Audyssey.

Of course if you have decent room treatments, I would think that the Audyssey could be VERY successful for multiple listening locations sounding great.

I am doing a number of sound treatments in my current theater build, and while I've been a die hard Pioneer user since v1.0 of my theater back 10 years ago (building v4.0 now), I am going to be looking hard at other brands mainly to try out Audyssey's multi-location tuning. With the treatments, I am hoping for several great listening locations with only minimal compromises vs. one finite sweet spot that I've had in the past.

Farewell - June 6, 2020