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... I have a small room. 12x11x8. The speaker needed a 7.5-dB boost at 250 Hz and a 9-dB cut at 50 Hz to bring it in line with the Axiom speakers. But the only part i am not sure of is that it set my front and center to LARGE. I know nobody here will tell me to put any speaker set to large (Even the M80) But again, i wonder if i should thrust it. I have not made A-B test but still wonder if i should leave it.

Hello Philippe. I also have an SC27, M80's and a VP150.

The M80's, I would say you can run either as large or small depending on which sounds better to you. I have tried both and this week I prefer setting them to large.

The VP150 I would always set to small because it's bass extension (85 hz at the 3db down point) is not as good as the M80's. MCACC always sets my VP150 to large, so I change it back to small after running MCACC.

MCACC also tries to correct pretty hard at 250 hz in my room with the M80's. I guess you know that you can tweak the MCACC settings. I normally copy the MCACC results I use to another memory slot and adjust to taste.

There is no right and wrong really. What sounds best to you? MCACC on or off, Phase control on or off and S-Wave on or off? Try them all and pick what sounds best. FWIW, I like the M80's large, the V150 and QS8's small, EQ on, Fullband Phase on and the EQ tweaked by ear but I've tried all the combinations.