I am almost finished with my HT system. I am running Axiom M60 for my left and right channels, Axiom VP150 for my center, SVS sub PC12-NSD, Martin Logan Motion 4 for my surround and Pioneer Elite SC-35 for my receiver. I am new at all this so my question is does music play a lot louder than when you're watching movies? When I'm listening to music I would have my receiver on about -25 and it is really loud. When I am watching a movie it seem like I have to turn it up to about -10 to get it to produce the same volume as get setting the volume at -25 for music. Even at -10 the center channel seem to be very low. I understand that there are a lot of variable that can cause this but I was hoping someone can narrow the problem down for me. Do I need a better center speaker? My HT room is 11ft wide and 33ft long. Thank you guys.