Given the amount of non-working 3 way switches in this place, it wouldn't surprise me. It is a small room, and there's currently only one switch in it, but there's also an outlet in the closet in there, and from looking at other houses in the neighborhood, it clearly was once part of the (formerly) L shaped living room.

Now that I think about it, though, I don't remember if I turned the light switch on when I was testing the power (since I was trying to figure out which breaker the damned thing was attached to. Sssssooooo...

Here's what I know, though. With the breakers (light switch?) off, I didn't get voltage on either loose black or white wire, either to each other or to the ground. I did get ~120V on the black/white mix; I think just to ground, but possibly to the other two wires as well. I guess I'll have to check it again.

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