Thanks for the advice.

I too was concerned about the height of the M22s on top of the Velos; however, my present Koss M/80s seem to demonstrate no appreciable deficit in sound. I figure that the M/80 tweeters are even lower by about 10 inches as contrasted to where the M22s will be as the Koss tweeters are actually in the center (6" above the top of the Velo) with the mid drivers above & below.

The FMS 16 stands that are an Axiom accessory for the M22s are 16" high & the Velos are 16.5" high. Therefore, I think that the Velos might be pretty close to being ideal - I hope so as I think that this configuration will look pretty cool.

Anyway, some experimentation will undoubtedly be required.

Comox, BC