Well, it has been a week since my M22s & QS4s were delivered & installed into my rebuilt HT. After some pleasureable testing
throughout the week, I am most pleased with the results.

I sorted out the QS4 'out of phase' problem (I reread the connection section in the manual, ha!!). I decreased the volume to 25 on the twin Velo subs & solved my sub hum problem. Then I reran the Audyssey Calibration in a different position that now
encompasses 2 sweet spots (R & L ends of perpendicular couches). The results seem good & all testing was carried out with the resulting Audyssey settings.

Let the fun begin. I watched 2 movies that I hadn't seen before - U-571 & Thor - that are known to have dynamic soundtracks to say the least. I was home alone with the cats so I ran U-571 at the full 0db Ref Level. My gawd, it was downright scary at times. I thought that the QS4s were going to leap off of the walls! The cats wisely retreated to the far end of the house for the duration. Thor was almost as impressive at -5db (WAF!!). The system showed no signs of distress at all - no clipping nor sub driver bottoming.

Musically, I watched/listened in stereo to the CLapton/Winwood 'Live in Madison Square Garden' DVD - simply wonderful.

The CD (played on my DVD Player) Eric Clapton 'Clapton' was stunning, especially the last track 'Autumn Leaves'.

There has been much written about the fine qualities of the M22s & QS4s. I echo all of those positve comments & find the sound presentation of these speakers to be superb both for movies & music.

Couple of observations:

During the interview portions of the Clapton/Winwood DVD, I noted some harsh 'S'es with spoken voice but this was hardly
noticeable during the musical selections. The Clapton CD demonstrated none of this condition.

When playing Avia's Pink Noise Tones, the M22s are definitely brighter than the QS4 Surrounds & Sony SS-LAC305ED Center; however, I find no distraction nor detriment to the actual material that I've heard. What is interesting - the QS4s & the Sony Center sound virtually identical to each other. Dialogue is nicely resolved by the tilted-up Sony so I think that I'll stick with it for the time being as space on my stand is limited.

I am more than pleased with my choice of speakers. In my 2500 Cu Ft room, they easily fill the space with good sound, ably handle the most dynamic soundtracks & are highly musical. The Axioms, when paired up with the twin Velodynes, just sound right to me. They certainly will not be going back!!

Comox, BC