I'm not a Holiday music kinda guy, and I never bought "Natalie Cole Sings With the Dead," but...

Amy Winehouse/Tupac Shakur: "A Christmas Duet"
got my attention.

It has all your old faves, digitally sampled and smashed together like razzleberry pie.

*Black Christmas for Whitey
*Santa Ain't Sh--
*Pine Cones and Needles
*My Yiddish Kwanza
*Silent Nights (A perpetual loop "round")
*Slay Bells
*Rudolph was my Dealer
*Holiday Tats
*My DirtNap Angel
*I'm Fixin' for Chistmas

And my all time favorites,
*The Little Gunner Boy"
("....this is my gift to you, a-rat-a-tat-tat...")
*Chestnuts Roasting, Open Fire!

The recording isn't up to snuff, but its' just for a couple of weeks a year.

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