Hmm , well i called the local bus depot and the guy there said he was keeping his eye open when they processed freight this morning and there was no sign of it. The bus comes here a 3:40 in the AM .Fedex was suppose to trace it when i called on wednesday, and greyhound told fedex it would be here friday for sure. All ive had from fedex and greyhound are excuses and lies.Every time i look at the lonely speaker i get mad,hope that doesnt last too long after i have them both. Im not sure what part of pair these guys dont seem to grasp. They were sent as a pair. The delivery guy on wednesday said this happens all the time.After 15years in the yukon ,knowing full well how long shipping takes and i ebay alot so im patient when stuff comes from the states, this is by far the worst expereience ive ever had.
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