ok, here goes now for some "déjà vu".

so far i've watched a few films with the newly installed QS8's, and some TV series and documentaries.

the sound field if much better integrated all around compared to my previous speakers (Energy 22 Ref), but i'm still not sure about the back side, i will have to listen more closely to that.

i have in high regard the mixture of direct/diffuse sound that comes out of those QS8's; when the time comes for direct sound, it's there, where it should be; and when it's time for atmosphere, ambiance, it also sounds very good and realistic.

yesterday i demoed the system to a friend who did not know what good sound is. he's got a basic 5.1 setup (HT in a box); for example, his subwoofer, which weighs about 15 lbs.
he was dubious that i could do better.

so, i played WOTW for about 30 mins.
his comments were something like this:
--wow, when the guy comes out of the car, we hear the thud of the closing door exactly where we see it happen on the screen and we hear the keys in his hand that much on the side of the door sound. amazing the separation there.
--another thing, the shaking of the whole room, and me, like a real earthquake.
--some low frequencies start at the front stage and then they travel towards the back of the room. WOW!
--sounds travel in any direction in a seamless fashion.
--sometimes it's so real that it made me queasy and nervous and holding tight on the arm rests because the images and sound were so well integrated and realistic and poignant.

then, some time later, he told me he was sold on this and eventually he's going to ask me to suggest a setup with new equipment for a real good 7.1 audio system.
his wife did not want to come; when he saw her again, he told her: you just missed something extraordinary.

these are nice comments about what i think are extraordinary speakers: M80's and QS8's, in effect the most important part of an audio system.

i also think those QS8 are much better than i had anticipated and i also think Ian did a brilliant job of engineering/design on them. they look good and sound excellent.

aside from the fact that i have yet to pay more attention to sound in the back, the only real criticism i can give is this:

P.S.: sorry jakewash, still no pics for you! i make no promises, but it might come some day. :-(