I have both the 100 and 150, both v2, in the in/on wall variety. I purchased the VP100 first. My impression of it was it's ok, but I always felt something was laking.

I also have 2 pairs of M22's for L/R mains. Click on the link in my signature line to see what I mean.

Music sounded much better in stereo mode. The VP100 just wasn't up to par with the M22's.

Later I replaced the VP100 with a VP150. At first comparison, it seemed that there was a small improvement over the low end. Now, when I A/B switch between stereo and surround when listening to music, the surround sound wins every time. I would not want to go back to the VP100. I think the 150 is a better sonic match with the M22's.

I plan on ordering the VP160, if I have enough money left after expenses this week before the 6th. I'm thinking I'll probably love them better than the VP150, sonic match or not.

Edit: I can always just not eat for the next 2 weeks. I need to lose some weight anyway. Pay bills? Puhfft. Speakers are more important that bills. Right? (Just kidding).

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