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Here's another thing to chew on:

"The main problem with quantifying 'fast' versus 'slow' bass is that the cues that our ear/brain use to make that determination don't come from the frequencies below 80 Hz, they come from the frequencies from roughly 80 to 500Hz. So yes, transient response is very important, but not the transient response of the subs, but rather the transient response of the midbasses. Earl Geddes would have a field day over this one."

from site.

A lot of what is 'commonly known' about subs is incorrect.

If this is true, then it is pretty scary what many professional reviewers are saying. They will often discuss the how "slow" and "fast" the bass of the subwoofer is. Yet many of them probably have the crossover set at 80Hz. So what are they hearing exactly? Maybe they are continuing the "well known" myth (or fact I don't know) that sealed subs have "faster" bass and ported have "slower" bass.