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I disagree with that charts naming scheme my sub can hit 15hz with authority and I never feel it in my chest. I think that chest thump most people are looking for is listed being in the bottom - boom/punch area and depending on your room can be hard to reproduce.

All I know is once I moved up to the M80s I was getting more in the way of chest thump when watching movies, listening to music etc. and adding the VP180 really added some impact with multichannel listening, my VP160 slightly less so than the 180(from what I can remember) but still adds more to the effect.

I think you are correct Jay. I seem to remember that chest thump is up in the 60-150 Hz range, which explains why you feel it with your mains and center.

I was thinking about the area of the driver in the SVS Ultra 13 vs the 4 Axiom 6.5 inch bass drivers. The area of the SVS driver is pi/4 * 13^2 = 132.7 (approximately). The area of the 4 Axiom drivers is 4*(pi/4)*6.5^2 = 132.7 (approximately) (I thought is was kind of a funny coincidence when the numbers came out exactly the same). So if the SVS is handling the bass in 60Hz to 80Hz range, or the Axioms are handling the bass in that region, there should be no difference in the amount of air that is being moved (this is a bit of an oversimplification since both the SVS and the Axioms are ported and so the size of the port and the size of the enclosure are disregarded, and we are comparing them as if they are sealed this way). So there doesn't seem to be any reason why there would be more chest thump if the Axioms are handling the 60Hz to 80Hz range, or the SVS is. This leads me to believe that it must be 80Hz to 150Hz that is giving that chest thump.

On the other hand, when jakewash moved up to the larger VP160, center channel speaker, and maybe set the crossover 60Hz or lower, then there would be more air moved by the front speakers and center channel, in comparison to just the one SVS 13" driver. If he were to go with multiple subs, then that would no longer be the case and maybe the more chest thump would come from letting the dual subs handle the 60Hz to 80Hz region, by setting the crossover for the front speakers at 80Hz.