Hey guys-
I'm at the point where I can be sanding and polyurethaning the kitchen floor soon. Joyce just offered to take the dog away for the weekend to enable me to get multiple coats on there without it interfering with the family life (The smell gives her wicked headaches). If that's the case, I want to see if I can rent a floor sander Friday, to start putting down coats of poly on Friday night & Saturday.

So, here's the problem and the quick question. In the main part of the kitchen, the floor is in good enough shape for a straight finishing job. In the small pantry area shown here, the existing maple floor doesn't reach the toe kicks on the new cabinets... and is also in bad shape in a few spots.

(sorry about the large photos, I'm rushing this post)

I'm thinking that what I would like to do is to maybe make a cut perpendicular to the board ends, removing the last inch and a half or so, and then put new boards in around the perimeter:

The problem is that I then need to make that cut on the existing boards. I can't get a circular saw in there... no room around the cabinets. I could use a Sawzall, but I don't think the cut would be straight enough. Complicating things is that there are likely nails in the cutting area....knocking out the possibility of, say, a router with a spiral bit.

I know I've seen what in essence are very small circular saws...maybe a 3" blade or so... that could get under the cabinets and maybe go through the nails if I had the right blade.

Any thoughts? If I need to buy something, I can get it overnight very cheaply from Amazon as I'm a Prime Member, allowing me to do this stuff tomorrow before sanding Friday.

Of course, I can just rip all this out and put in tile..... !

Edit: Something like this Rotozip is what I was thinking of....

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