I've been playing with the settings on my Denon AVR-3808CI for about a week and stumbled on this blog on the Audyssey site:

Audyssey Blog: Large vs Small

It tells me to only use the LFE setting, never the LFE+Main, and that if I have a subwoofer, to set all speakers to small. This is interesting because when I run the Audyssey MultiEQ on my Denon, it sets my M60's and VP160 to large, and everything else to small. I used to use the LFE+Main setting, but no more as I understand what the article states--which has been backed up by a few other things I've read--but just for kicks I tried setting everything to small with a crossover of 80Hz. The result seems to be most impressive. I think my speakers sound better than ever before. Yes my room has changed. Yes I've recently added a VP160. But things really do seem better. I'm no 100% sold until I get a second opinion in my listening environment, but I was wondering if anyone else was aware of this theory and has any comments?
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