I currently have the crossovers for the mains and center set to 60Hz and the surrounds at 80Hz with that LFE/LPF at 120Hz. In a week or two a good buddy who has amazing hearing when it comes to speakers will drop by so we can play around with the settings more. His well-trained ear should be able to help me out. He was the one who was blown away by my Axiom's when I first got them. He said they sounded every bit a good as his much more expensive Paradigm's, but I think his opinion has changed a bit. His really expensive Paradigm center channel sounds terrible and their customer service wouldn't help him out, so now he owns my old VP150 and says he loves it. I also got him to change from $12 per foot speaker cable to Axiom's $.98 per foot bulk ones and he can't tell the difference.
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