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I was thinking about getting a couple to run my M80's off of,would these guys play nice at loud levels? I want to take some stress off my 9.2 amp.

Hey guys,

sorry for jumping on this post late, but I've got a pair of these hooked up to my M80 v2 speakers. I unfortunately don't have anything really to compare because my last amp was an Alesis RA300...yeah, don't laugh at me ok, it was many moons ago.

I'd say that I enjoy the sound coming from them but until I try another amp with my setup, I can't really say much more. What I know for sure is that they sound great compared to the Alesis RA300 and anything I've heard from your standard home theatre in a box setup.

I've got a Blue Planet EM100 energy meter hooked up at the wall with the following attached:

-Emotiva USP-1
-Axiom EP350 v3 subwoofer
-2x OA M2200 monoblock amps
-Sony KDL 46EX500 television
-Desktop Computer (I7 875k, Radeon 6950HD 1Gb, Asus Xonar DS sound card, modem, router)

All these things together use an average of about 150 watts from the wall. Amazing in my opinion. Take away the computer and it's about 70 watts for just the tv and audio equipment.

I also enjoy the fact that they barely give off any heat even at high volumes and stacked on top of each other. Good if you're concerned with that or are putting in a cabinet with poor ventilation (shame on you!).

I should be testing my setup with a Bel Canto S300ID soon. I know it's supposed to be a step up from my current configuration, but I'll let you know.


M80 v2
EP 350 v3
Emotiva USP-1
2x Outlaw Audio M2200 (vertical bi-amp)