My previous speakers were diamonds, fir coats, european cars and augmented C cups, followed by a financially uplifting divorce that allowed me the freedom to buy whatever I wanted.... Speakers and electronics were purchase #1.

The M80's do have some great base, but I wouldn't run without a sub. There's no comparison worth mentioning. And that's for both music and movies. Anyone who says differently most likely never had a good sub.

I have recently moved from M80ti's, to M60v3's in my HT. I don't miss the M80's (but I also run two EP500's in this room). They may not play as 'loud', but in all honesty, I couldn't ever pin the volume with the M80's, and I can't pin the volume with the M60' I have no way to know just how loud each are. They both are above my threshold of pain. Reference level is loud enough.

I have a set of Wharfedale Opus 2-2's in a room where the M80's were playing. I've said it before, will say it again, they are different, but neither are better than the other. I use an EP600 in this room to augment the lower end.