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Two of the 3 walls in our HT area are not insulated, and in fact one wall backs into the furnace room and has nothing behind it. I find that once the HT is playing loud enough, the sub makes the walls and the picture frames hanging on them rattle like crazy.

HAHAHA, Frank, i have the EXACT same problem...!

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Today i have had the time listen to some two channel music in stereo... All i can saw is WoW...and holy cow...
I have been listening to these two Cd's..This one ,which was recommended by Johnk, and this one which was recommended by FrankeeD.

Also, the Dual 600's, with the CD that John recommended, are able to make several of the photos on the wall rattle; i will need to get rubber dots for many of the frames now.....

So, in a way i can blame my issues on John grin

Here is a product you can get for your picture frames. Home depot, and Lowes as well as craft stores will carry this as well.

What are your walls made of? Drywall? The walls in my family room are the 70's 1/4" wood paneling.. But, we put plastered the panels to "update" our family room. By adding the plaster, that added mass to the wood paneling, which reduced the resonante frequency.. Now, the "walls" do not rattle... If you can come up with a way of adding mass to your walls, that will reduce the resonante frequency and will most likely stop them from vibrating...

Plaster is pretty inexpensive, but takes a while to apply.. The final look that we achieved in our family room is similar to a stucco finish.

This would be the easiest fix... Another option would be to re-structure your walls, to add more studs, and possibly do 2 layers of drywall. But, that would cost much more money/time, and is not what you have indicated you want to do.

You may be able to add some extra studs in the heater room to test... Use construction adhesive as well as some dry wall screws, to ensure that you get maximum adhesion to the new studs. I would start with a few horizontal studs to lock the vertical ones in, and strengthen the entire structure, and go from there.

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