Just got my VP-160 today. Hooked it up to replace my VP-150 v2. Re-ran Audyssey. I'm going to need more time to evaluate the sound difference. I was expecting a center that was more in my face, but what I'm hearing so far is a more blended/integrated experience. So, it is definitely different than what I expected. I am going to re-run Audyssey tonight when it is more quiet and see if that changes anything.

My questions so far:
1. 60hz is a great crossover setting for my M80's in my room (I have an SVS sub). But, should I set the VP-160 at 60hz as well? I know it can go down to 40hz, so I'm wondering what other people have their crossovers set at?

2. Are others having the experience of a seamless experience as well? I really was expecting a louder center. Maybe it's too soon to tell. So, is the VP-180 more of a punchy center or is that a seamless integrated experience as well?

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