Hi, i got my new EP500 on monday April 30. i have played around with settings and placemend, and are pleased how well it blends in with the system.
I just have one consern, when doing bass testing i get a rattling from the back pannel, its not noticeble when playing music and movies, but it conserns me that its there.
I need to point out that i hear it clearly when the sub plays solo, even at modest levels.
Do you guys and girls have any advice i might benefit from?

And on a difrent note.
I have tested the sub using,
Transformere 3
The dark knight
Master and commander
starwars ep3

beasty boys

And more...
Im not disapointed!!! Sounds arwsom, love when the sofa shakes wink


M80v3x2 VP160x1 QS8x2 EP500x1
Marantz sr6005, Ps3, Pc.