Hey guys,

So I've run Audyssey on the new Onk and ended up with some weird stuff. First off, it set my VP100 to 40 Hz crossover. Easy enough to fix, but odd.

Next, there don't seem to be that many Audyssey settings exposed. I can't find any info on the EQ, and it only seems to have 3 modes: Off, Music, and Movie.

With Music, I found that it added quite a lot of reverb, at least when used with DPL2. Anyone else run into this?

With Off, I noticed that the surrounds sounded extremely wrong, particularly on a Sting track from Mercury Falling, where I was hearing a snare drum first from the fronts, then with a very perceptible delay from the side surrounds, or possibly bouncing off the wall behind. I didn't try the track with the Audyssey Music setting or with any other surround modes. My wife gets ... less than amused when I mess with the sound while she's listening to things. wink

Any tips? What am I missing here? In general, it sounds good, but it is definitely odd.
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