Did I get your attention?

Hi Axiomdom,

I just wanted to introduce myself and give you my impressions of my new M60s.

First, I want to thank everyone for all of the information I’ve gleaned from the Forum, as well as the website. (I’ve been lurking for over a year.)

After ordering the new speakers, the anticipation just about killed me. I think it was worse than Christmas as a kid. When they finally arrived, I just stared at the boxes for a while, just to soak it in. Savoring the moment, I slowly opened the boxes and marveled at the beauty of them. Very carefully, I hooked them up to my receiver and took a moment. “OK, it’s time” and I powered up the receiver….”Uh oh, what did I do”. I have to say, I was NOT blown away like I was anticipating.

I have been listening to my home grown, two-ways for over a decade and my thought was the M60s were not a tremendous improvement. So much so that I switched back and forth four times between the M60s and my old speakers, relocating them to the same spot each time…what a workout. After the forth swap, I did, indeed, realize the 60s were better speakers, so I decided to keep them.

After a few days, I decided I now need to buy a receiver that’s worthy of the new arrivals. I have been using a Denon AVR-1000 for more than ten years and decided to upgrade. Off to Flea-Bay I went. Picked up a Denon AVR-5700 for $300. (Yes, I know it’s not current, but it’s still eight years newer than what I had and a major step up.) The M60s are sounding better, but still not what I was hoping for. My cheapo CD player was now sounding horrible, but being the tightwad I am, I decided to add an outboard DAC (for an ipod) instead of spending the bucks on a good CD player. After reading the Axiom-like reviews of the HRT iSteamer, I bought one and hooked it up. “Yeah, the new speakers are getting better.”

More reading of the Forum and more research encouraged me to play around with “speaker placement.” WOW, what a difference! Pushed them forward enough of the entertainment center to just clear the tweeters. Toed them in slightly. The M60s are now starting to sound more like the reviews I’ve read.

After listening to them for a couple of weeks, a few observations:
- There are A LOT of crappy recordings out there! I am amazed at how unforgiving (accurate) the M60s are. I now realize that my home-grown, two-ways were coloring everything.
- I can listen to the M60s for hours without getting fatigued. (Couldn’t do that with my old speakers.)
- I find myself watching less TV and listening to more music...Always a good thing.
- I am now ripping all CDs in lossless
- I’m enjoying classical music like I never have.
- The quest for better recordings has now factored into my music purchases.
- Like a good relationship, the more time I spend with the M60s, the more I love them. (Now, if only they had "better internal bracing.” Hee hee)

Getting back to reading the Forums, I started thinking…”Hmm, M80s….NO – NO – NO – Just say no.” And so it begins.

Finally, for the record; I have never been, nor do I ever plan on becoming, a Socialist. AND, I have never participated in a double blind speaker test. ;o)

Thanks again everyone,
Buddy S

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