I calibrated each input on AVR using Disney WOW and SPL meter. Current settings in BR are confusing for me, they are as follows:
Digital Output=PCM or Bitstream Re-encode or Bitstream Audiophile currently set to PCM but since I'm using analog I'm not sure it matters.
PCM Downsampling=On or Off currently set to off
Dynamis Range Control= Auto or On or Off (Claims it will let you hear dialog better at low volume) currently On
Downmixing Mode=Normal Stereo or Surround Compatible currently set to surround compatible
DTS Neo 6=Off or Cinema or Music currently set to Cinema
Speaker Settings..All set to small
There are no analog output settings
I've tried changing things around but it dosent seem to make any difference, I think Ken is right it's just some idiots idea of how to mix a movie