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Belgarath - Is that from the David Eddings series? I loved those books.

Indeed You are right michael_d, I loved all of Eddings Belgarion books.

Thanks again to everyone for their comments.

I hadn't really considered an M2 for the center channel...let alone another M60.(Can you order just one??)

Right now I am thinking of:

Pair of M60's
VP160 with stand
QS8's with stands.(Wall mounting is not an option in my room the way it's configured.)

Or a step down:

Pair of M22's with stands
VP160 with stand or VP 150 or M2 as suggested.
QS8's with stands.

There really is no way to screw this up, the 30 day trial period gives me confidence to experiment and make sure I get the right package for my needs.

I would also like your opinions on the "wall mount" version of the M2's , M3's and M22's.