I've taken over a section of my basement for a HT setup. The basement is an open layout with the rest being used as an office and play area for the kids. The total dimensions are round 25' by 30'with 7.5'ceilings. My system is coming from another room and includes a pair of paradigm studio 40's, paradigm studio 20's and an SVS 12+ sub.

I was generally pretty happy with the old configuration with the only issue being the seating was pushed up against the back wall. With the studio 20's used as surrounds to the side the sound was pretty directional.

For my new setup there will be plenty of room behind the seating ( about 15 feet) and I'm planing on doing a 7.1 setup and use the studio 20's as the rear. For the sides I was going to move away from monopole speakers and was looking at the QS4 and QS8. One of the surrounds will be mounted on the wall directly to the left of the seating. The other will get hung from a soffet that runs the length of the basement. Both surrounds will be close to the seating (3 to 6 feet).

Should I be considering the entire volume of the basement when deciding between the QS4 and the QS8 or should I also consider how close they will be placed to the seats?

The only reason I ask is because I can pickup a pair of used QS4's with stands for about $200. If I was buying new I'd probably just spend the extra hundred and get the QS8's.



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