No, I still haven't gotten around to it, however thanks for the suggestion. Pretty busy lately and lacking in time and patience for things that don't work as it seems they should.

The subwoofer is bolted into the trunk and would have to be removed for me to access the sub amp, and I'm still perplexed as to how Audyssey could turn the sub completely off, when according to the CTO it supposedly does not even control the subwoofer content.

Still listening to Audyssey MultEQ lately sans sub, it sounds pretty good, sort of like "hifi" back in the day. I've somewhat given up on the quest of having car audio that sounds pristine in this particular car because I have to turn the volume up so loud to overcome the background wind noise that it's not worth it, too damaging to hearing.

Not much of an audio tweaker these days, I'm afraid.

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