JZ, welcome. I'd suggest that if the center speaker has to be horizontally aligned that you use the VP160. However, you have enough room at the bottom of the screen to use a vertical M22 there and have M22s all across the front, which should be seriously considered.

Using the 10% reduction with Factory Outlet and the 5% for five or more items ordered, the speakers would total about $2700 with all M22s, or about $300 more with the VP160.

As to the receiver, since you'd be able to buy it in the U.S., one of the factory refurbished units which are such bargains at Accessories4less, would be available. At the price range you're considering the Onkyo 818 is outstanding, with the top Audyssey MultEQ XT32 version, for about $800.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.