when i got that "Revolutionary" CD, i had a SVS PC12-Plus for a 3000 cu.ft. room (2 adjoining rooms through a doorway), and i remember that on one track, at some moment, there was one note that the sub could not reproduce and there was lots of port chuffing.

then i added another sub, a SVS PC13-Ultra, and played the same track again; this time, no port chuffing at all and excellent reproduction of all the infra sounds.
this combination is just loafing playing this disc, just like it does on the most difficult movies, soundwise.

the usual playbeck level i use is around -3dB re Reference Level, but i played it once at +2.5dB, and it was a huge crystal clear blast that i got. Very impressive !

recently i read in a forum some comments written by the chief engineer (i think) who had made the recording. he said that they did not have quite enough time to find the best position for one of the mic, so the 4 Hz signals were too weak in the recording to be useful, but at higher frequencies, for the 64 ft. and 32 ft pipes, all was ok.
(of course, there were no pipes...).

check my room/equipment in the gallery section of this forum to get more details.
you'll see that the reproduction goes down to 10 Hz, not down far enough for a 64 ft. pipe.

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