Yes, in fact I discovered it is. You can set it to Manual and then it makes available a 5 channel equalizer that you can apply to different speakers. It also allows you to "copy" the equalization curves it set as a starting point. In addition I get an old fashioned tone control for bass and treble.

I like Audyssey but I find for movies there isn't enough of a high frequency roll off. And in playing around with the settings trying to find a way to lower the high end I discovered the manual stuff.

I am now able to start at the point Audyssey sets and then make my "tweaks". I need to do more experimenting but after my adjustments today, I think it is going to work out well.

Finally, manual adjustments are nice but I lose Dynamic EQ and Volume. I don't use Dynamic volume but I do/did use EQ. I guess I will know soon enough if I will miss it.

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