Hi all. I come seeking tech knowledge from the Axiomites.

The deal: I have no internet in my house. My wife tells me that this needs to change, and I agree. I am probably going to get satellite internet because (a) I'm off the cable grid and running a drop line is prohibitively expensive, (b) there is no DSL availability in my area. New technology like Exede has improved download speeds significantly in the last year or so. When I last had satellite a couple of years ago, I had 1.5 MB down, and now they advertise 12-15 MB down.

The problem: satellite monthly download totals are limited to about 500 MB a day except for the hours of midnight to 5 AM (unlimited then), so I won't really be able to stream video, much less HD content.

Possible solution: get some kind of hardware/software solution to store downloaded content that I set DVR-style to download during the off-peak hours of 12AM to 5AM, storing it to watch later.

Is this feasible? My experience with internet video is limited to streaming sites like youTube and embedded content. I do not have any kind of media PC, but I am open to purchasing whatever it takes. I have enjoyed my DirecTV DVR for several years. That's all I know, but I am eager to learn. You just may have to speak to me like a grandpa on this one, as I am a total n00b as far as getting TV/movies over the web.

Anybody doing this kind of thing already? Anybody else have thoughts on how to proceed? Any and all help is always appreciated.
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