Hi all,

I'm amassing a list of budget christmas ideas for vinyl lovers. Especially those with extended families who need great gift ideas on sensible budgets. Here are a few on my short list. Add or critique as necessary! smile

Prices quoted are ballpark and not the lowest I'm sure, just what I happened upon. wink

Ideas so far:

Crosley Record Cleaning Kit (AC20) ~20$
Mobile Fidelity Inner sleeves- pkg 50 ~20$
Music Hall Cork platter Mat ~50$
Audio Technica AT95E Phono Cartridge ~70$
Audio Technica AT120E Phono Cartridge ~120$
Shure M97xe Phono Cartridge ~90$
Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII ~90$
Tracking force guage - prices vary greatly. ~20-150$
Quality interconnects/cables- prices vary greatly. ~20-50$ (or much more if inclined)
Bannana Plugs- ~2-4$ each
Swiffer duster or similar (really mandatory for us all with gear)

And finally for the DIY people:

Led strip lighting with a pantry switch for your LP storage cabinet or accent lighting. Prices vary. ~50-200$

So far so good, but we can do better eh?

No socks this year! laugh