Last night I dusted off my Eric Clapton 'ONE MORE CAR ONE MORE RIDER' live concert DVD (128 mins) that was recorded in LA in 2001.

I have never heard this through my M22s, twin Velo subs & QS4s before nor was I able to use the DTS Surround mode previously - only 2 Ch stereo.

I normally set the level at -10 Db which was fine for the first 8 tracks in the acoustic set; however, when the whole band fired up, it almost blew me out of the room - I felt that I was inside the kick drum! Reduced to -15 Db - still too much so I finally settled on -20 Db that put me in about row 10 in the audience.

The DTS Surround mix is quite phenomenal with tremendous bass impact throughout. Furthermore, the yahoos in the crowd occasionally irritated me from the rear. The upscaled video quality through my Denon AVR was also very good.

Good concert, especially the electric version of 'Layla'. Highly recommended...