So, i was going to wait until i did so more research on the topic, including combing through any recent posts in the Axiom forums (if the search engine provided any useful hits), but what the heck.
I'm throwing out yet another, "what tv should i buy" queries. Since this unit will likely be in this spot for quite some time, i may as well get as much feedback as possible before spending any dollars on it, whether that is $500 or $2000.

To help narrow things down, i do have a list of wants and nots.

  1. I hate LCD (light bleed, lower contrast esp. off axis and visual lag).
  2. I hate LED LCD a bit less (less bleed, more contrast, allegedly better visual lag). If only OLED was already here and affordable.
  3. I love and yet hate plasma (great contrast, no lag, more power consumption comparatively, overall more expensive).
  4. Size will be limited to about 40"-46". I can check but i am fairly certain a 50" will look too large on its intended wall.
  5. The use is for a main living room which has a large picture window on the opposite wall with southern exposure (e.g. lots of light). No, we do not have heavy light limiting curtains at the moment and more light comes in from the adjacent eating nook and kitchen anyway.
    Additionally, the tv would be viewed off axis from these areas as well so one can see how LCD starts to lose even more ground as an option here.
  6. I love but more hate glossy screens.
  7. 3D sucks and i have no use for it until someone invents true holographic TVs.
  8. Wireless capability i can probably take or leave. I'm not sure i would really use it. We don't subscribe to any online streaming sites. Anything streamed from computer would be through a much better system than a tv wireless connection.
  9. Budget: i'm always happy to pay less of course, but realistically we're looking for something that isn't crazy feature loaded necessarily and with recent price reductions over the past years, i figure we should be able to get something to fit the bill for less than $1700. But for a 40" unit these days, feature rich is possible at around $1200 for LED that i've seen.

That's the general list. I can add a bit of specifics and clarification of some points.

The present situation:
We have a Phillips 31" LCD bought about 3 or 4 years ago which is being moved to a bedroom. I've always hated the visual 'lag' in fast motion scenes (VERY prominent at least to me when i first watched a HD hockey game). I also don't find the contrast to be particularly good and the speakers have issues if it is turned too loud (good thing i have a stereo system hooked up to it).
The old crt relic in our bedroom died, so this Phillips is making the move and our family room needs a new unit. I was really hoping to get by until OLED became more mainstream.

Surrounding components include:
  • Panasonic dvdp (no HDMI out)
  • Cambridge Azur receiver (unsure of HDMI status, would have to check)
  • Bell satellite (HDMI capable)
Although i don't use HDMI presently (on any system we have), at some point i probably will. It is just unlikely i will need a tv with multiple HDMI inputs (certainly no more than two otherwise i'd update my receiver with HDMI inputs and use it as the switcher anyway).

Glossy screen love and hate:
Although i really like how a glossy screen makes the sharpness and colours pop, a glossy screen in this room will likely be a real pain in the @ss. The glare off of so many light sources would be horrendous. I bought my father a LCD glossy screen monitor a few years back and even in my darkened office i could see the glare of my face as it was lit by the screen!
Glossy screens can really suck. I don't want an annoying tv for another 10 years.
Is it possible to angle the tv downward if wall mounted to help?
Or matte screen only?
How many plasma or LED out there have a matte screens though? (not many from what i've seen).
I'm uncertain if limiting myself to a matte screen only unit will limit the choices to something that is a so so unit.
This LG is an example where it apparently has a matte screen but i gather from the review there might be others of better quality (still a larger unit than what i'm shopping for as well).

If anyone has gone down this road before in the past year, and i'm sure some have, and you have considered the same "problems" of each of the tech and your specific location is similar with a well lit room, i would love to hear your thoughts on final selection of a unit, or if anyone else in the peanut gallery has something to add i expect the thread to be hijacked within 3 posts anyway.
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