Geez Fred, great topic, wrong thread!
I follow the wine thread but almost missed this one.

I can't recommend anything i've tried for Canadian sparkling wines (and i'm partly with michael_d on this one in which i'm not a huge fan of the sparkles).
However, that being said, i HIGHLY recommend that you head to the local LCBO and look for Spanish Cava. Cava is essentially Spain's champagne, made in the traditional style, although typically with a grape varietal called Xarel-lo and hence not with the same grapes as in France Champagne (pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier).
Spanish cava is far less expensive than French Champagne BUT it is very much on par with quality in many price points. Cava was becoming all the rage in the past few years as Spanish wines are becoming more popular in N.America. The local sommeliers i chat with (and was trained by) speak highly of it.
I have personally tried two Spanish cavas during my ISG course. One was fairly buttery and alot like any Champagne i've tasted in the past, including the oh so popular Dom Perignon.
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