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Nicolas Feuillatte is the only one that doesn't give Ian a headache (one small flaw in an otherwise lovely man)

That's just funny.


BTW, for an interesting change at Thanksgiving, I poured 2/3s champagne to 1/3 Cranberry wine (a Muskoka classic - they grow in Bala) and it was really lovely - tasty with Turkey and beautiful on the table.

It is one thing they say about sparkling wines, they can be paired with any course at a dinner.
Personally i'm not a fan but...during the final test for the sommelier certification they have to plan out a full dinner including wine pairings and the one rule is that they are not allowed to use a sparkling one for more than one course...because it is again allegedly easy to pair it with everything.

"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."