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Most people I've talked to haven't bought a blu-ray player yet. And a lot of them are still waiting for their CRT TV to go out before replacing it.

Now that's interesting. I find the opposite. Even my cheap assed ex now has a flat panel.

I've searched, but can't find any estimates of how many CRTs are still out there. Interestingly, India just crossed the 50% threshold in flat panel vs crt shipments last year.

Probably depends on how affluent the people are you associate with. Most people I associate with are in the lower category. Work, church, etc. most also think you have to have a DVD player to play DVDs. Some don't even know what a blu-ray is. Some are still only or mostly playing VHS tapes. My retired sister falls into this category. I gave her an LCD panel about 4 years ago. These same people also have trouble trying to switch from cable/antenna to DVD and back again it seems.

Also, what's interesting, even some of the more influential fall onto this same category, now that I think about it. It just depends on how tech savvy they are. I just don't have many tech savvy friends.

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