I reran Audyssey on my Denon AVR-3312ci. This time with 3 total spots. When I get a tripod, I'll do the recommended 8 or 80 or whatever. smile

I accessed the receiver through the network. Very nice feature. But the thing I wanted most, I didn't find. I wanted to find the Audyssey graph JPEGs (or whatever format) in order to post them here to see what you guys thought about my room's frequency response. Are the Audyssey curves available through the network interface and I'm just missing it?

I want to "invest" in some room treatments, but first I gotta learn what these graphs mean. I know there is a software out there by home theater shack. It looks intimidating.

Happy New Year,

Denon AVR-3312ci
Mains: M22 v2
Center: VP150 v2
Surrounds: QS8s v2
Sub: HSU VTF-2 MK3