SADE (ADU) was a huge name in the mid 1980s; however, she then took 10 years off & faded from the scene. For me, her first 3 albums - 'Diamond Life' (1985), 'Promise' (1985) & 'Stronger than Pride' (1988) - really are her best works that easily stand the test of time.

'Lover's Rock' in 2000 (then another LOA) & 'Soldier of Love' in 2010 both have some good moments, but not to the extent of the original 3 where every track was good. Her backup band is absolutely tight & top notch & are a big part of her unique sound. Their skillful infusion of African rhythms in the first albums set her music apart from the general mediocrity of the normal fare at that time

There are 2 live concert DVDs & 1 BD available - 'Sade Live' (DVD - SD) in 1994, 'Lovers Live' (DVD - SD) in 2002 & finally her latest world tour 'Bring Me Home Live 2011 (BD - HD) in 2012. All are well worth owning as a lot of her original works are included in all three videos. The overall sound quality is good to excellent. The genuine appreciation that the audiences have for her is amply evident throughout.

And yes, she still goes barefoot on stage that was her trademark way back when. She still looks as good as she did almost 30 years ago & continues to be just a wonderful, humble & classy lady who remains a cut above the latest crop of female entertainers IMHO.

I've now seen Clapton & Santana live - SADE is the last one on my bucket list but it is doubtful that it will ever happen, sniff...