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Jazz is a huge genre with styles ranging from big band sounds of the 30's to contemporary stuff. I listen to contemporary stuff say 50's and later and more specifically I stick to the sound of smaller bands (trios, quartets) with bass, one maybe two horns, vocals and drums. I do not listen to big bands. I especially like women vocalists. This is my taste and along those lines here are some stuff to listen too.


- Melody Gardot. I just discovered her and new The Absence album. Very distinctive vocals and sound.
- Diana Krall. Lots of stuff. Some of my favorite songs are Temptation, Cry Me A River, The Look Of Love, So Nice.
- Madeleine Peyroux. Very distinctive vocals. I love her early stuff, albums Dreamland and Careless Love in particular. When I first discovered her I was totaly smitten.

We went to a concert featuring all three of these ladies on the same bill and it was terrific. It was in a park with a small pond in front of the stage. A couple a ducks landed and started quacking in the middle of one of Dianna Kraal's songs. She stopped playing and said "Do you mind I'm trying to work here".
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