When customizing Axiom speakers, you have a section titled "Audio Jewelry", with two options

1. Standard or Die Cast woofers
2. Standard or Biwire/Biamp inputs

On most tower speakers nowadays, biwire inputs are quite standard it seems. Why is it only an option? And why under a section called "Audio Jewelry"? Are they saying these two options provided are for aesthetics only?

I've been doing some reading on bi-wiring and have read SOME articles claiming that to "truly" biwire/biamp, the crossover must be removed or modified or something?

If I bought M80's with dual inputs, wouldn't feeding them 120 watts down one speaker wire and 120 watts down the other mean I'm feeding the speaker a total of 240 watts? As opposed to single input...then I'd only be feeding them 120 watts total.

Just looking for clarification and opinions. Thanks again

2 Axiom M80s v3-custom
1 Axiom VP160 v3-custom
2 Axiom QS10HP
2 Cerwin Vega CMX 12's
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