AS some of you know, I will be ordering a full new 5.1 system very soon.

I've had my mind set for 6 months straight on the epic 80 system(minus the subwoofer).

BUT...I can't stop eyeing up the flagship LFR1100 Omnidirectional speaker.

I'd have the amp power for it.

I'll never have the money again to buy these, but it is possible for me now. How well will they mesh with the VP180 and QS8's? How much of a difference for the price? Is it worth it in your opinion? Again, this would be a major investment for me, so I hope no one is offended when I quality? bugs? Will these last? Since I can't find much on the speaker(and trust me, I've read everything that's out there so far on them I think), are they similiar to the thousands of forum posts and reviews I've read about the M80?
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