I'm starting to put this all together. Lots of little ideas that just might work.
It all started with the stand and then the room dimensions, being equidistant,
and the display distance.
So this might not make sense but here it goes...
24" tall x 96" wide x 36" deep cabinet with built in subs at each end.
The stand would sit 12' from the front wall in a 8'x24'x36 room with the sweet spot 12' from the center channel.
The screen would then be fixed on the front wall or would be the wall itself. The projector would be behind the built in center.
Two ADA1500 sit below the center, the power center and reciever below the projector. IR repeaters and my Galaxy Note control the works.
Thinking about co-locating my 4 powered Paradigm subs between my LRR and my LR.
A tower of power.