Last fall while on our River Cruise on the Rhine River, we stopped for the day in Arnhem, Holland. This was the site of a vicious WWII battle - Operation Market Garden - over a bridge there, where the Allies lost big time. We took a tour of the battle sites, museum & large Allied Cemetery there - very sobering. Our Avalon Waterways Cruise Ship was parked almost under the present bridge & it was kinda eerie sitting on the deck drinking a beer with it in our view.

While in HMV the other day, I purchased 'A Bridge Too Far' on Blu Ray for $8 that chronicles this story. This is an epic film from 1977 that includes a stellar ensemble cast of Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Gene Hackman, Anthony Hopkins, Laurence Olivier, Ryan O'Neal, Robert Redford, Liv Ullmann and more. 176 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: 5.1 DTS HD Master Lossless Audio.

This is a masterpiece that has been wonderfully remastered both video & sound - the surround sound track is no doubt far better than the original & is thankfully not over done in LFE. What I found to be most amazing is that the 'battle special effects' & 'flying sequences' were mostly all real - no CGI that can be so obvious in many battle type scenes. It must have cost a fortune to stage this stuff.

This is definitely a 'man's film' that is well worth watching.

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