i am looking for a power conditioner for my home theater system.

After telling Panamax about my system that will be connect to the power conditioner (projector, axiom sub, 4311ci receiver, xpa-3 amp, blu-ray player), they recommend me using MR5100 (the new unit that just came out).

The rep actually pulled up the sub, the receiver & the amp spec to check before making the recommendation. However, one of their comments is that try to connect the sub, amp & receiver to the high current bank, if you have interference, then move your receiver connection to the other bank. And the reason that they don't recommend moving the receiver there in the first place b/c that bank has a filter and it might prevent the receiver from getting the required current. (or slightly degrade its performance)

I am a little worry after hearing Panamax feedback.

I want to buy a good power conditioner to protect my system but at the same time, I do not want the power conditioner to impose any restriction on the system capability.

Please comment if you have more understanding on this issue ..

I also appreciate any feedback on best “bang-for-the-buck” power conditioner. Thanks.