Not sure where this goes...

I've recently switched from 2 channel audio to 7.1 channel and i am very happy with the sound.

Most tracks in DTS-HD Master sound very realistic, acoustic guitars and pianos and voices sound like they do in real life. Even with older recordings you hear things you didn't know where there..crickets (Dire Straights), bongo drums (Steely Dan) etc.

Audio equipment has improved so tremendously since i stared in 1972 with a Dynaco tube amp, AR manual turntable and AR speakers and yet the source formats seem stuck in the past, IMHO CD's are now the limiting factor at 'removing the curtain'. You can spend $100,000 and have the sound compromised by a 35year old format.

BTW, i just listened to Neil Young's Le Noise and the 1st acoustic number is awesome as you can really hear his voice and the guitar. Who knew that he could actually sing?

The frustrating part is trying to find content. Local stores stock only CD's, many HD online stores can't sell in Canada and even Amazon is spotty. If i could find a place that will sell HD discs they can have my credit card on loan.

There are also a lot of albums i would like to hear in HD (recognizing that a poor original recording will not be a good HD release) but there seems to be so little released in HD. After listening to the HD version of Neil Young's Harvest the CD version is packed away for a yard sale.

Why are CD's still around? It is your parent's format...blu-ray discs and even DVD discs can hold so much better resolution.

The sound on the Eagles Farewell Tour from melbourne is fantastic, same for the Pink Funhouse Tour. I plan to move to 9 or 11 channel sound ASAP...

</rant off>

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