Hi All,

I have a few questions about the crossovers in
the Axiom AX-2s.

1st, What is the crossover frequency set at?

2nd, What is the value (mH) of the coils?

Also, I have two sets and they appear to have a
diffent design for the crossovers.

The earlier set seem to have a 1st order for the
woofer and a 2nd order for the tweeter.
Both of the coils, one to woofer, other as
part of 2nd order from tweeter appear to be the same.

The later set seem to have 2nd order crossovers
to both the tweeter and woofer.
The coil to the woofer is much larger, the coil that
is part of the 2nd order from tweeter looks to be
the same as both coils on the earlier sets crossover.

Can anyone tell me why the crossover's design was
changed and ID the components for me??