Haven't posted in awhile...I thought some of you may be interested in the above comparison. I received the Omen Defs last Friday, specs are below:

It was quite interesting to say the least as both speakers are quite different. I'll try to post a review later tonight with some pics, but I was quite surprised at my results, all in the "ears" of the beholder of course...

Zu nanotech drivers are now standard equipment (Zu103ND/G1-16) these are the same units developed for our Dominance and as used on Definition Mk.IV and Mk.III. They feature our high-output motor assembly, 16 ohm magnetically neutral-hung voice coils and paper-cored nanotech cones. No other changes are done. Original Omen Def loudspeakers can be field upgraded. Markings for Omen Def Mk.I-B are: REVISION-B nameplate and the engraved model identification on the drivers’ center cone.

High efficiency, high output, moderate impedance, direct radiating, floor-standing loudspeaker. Omen Def Mk.I-B features Zu’s full-range driver (Zu103ND/G1-16), in the Zu Definition architecture, ZuGriewe driver/box/room acoustic loading technology, no crossover or filters on full-range drivers, complimented by a dynamic tweeter featuring phenolic-composite dome and machined 6061-T651 billet lens, providing the acoustic sparkle and resolution from 10kHz and up.

Mk.I-B June 2012, shipping August 2012 (Mk.I-A November 2010)
12 x 12” [30.5 x 30.5 cm]
78 pounds [36kg]
FlexPak, one loudspeaker per shipping box, 84 pounds [38kg]

2x Zu103ND/G1-16, 10-1/3” full-range nanotech driver in Zu Definition array covering 30–12,000 Hz Zu/U-APT-L2 tweeter assembly
better than 1% driver pair matching, 0.1% on all other electrical components
accepting: 1/4” spade [6.3mm fork], 5/16” spade [8mm fork], bare wire ≤ #4 AWG, banana plugs

100dB SPL @ 1W/1m
8 ohm, nominal full bandwidth (5 ohm minimum at 270 Hz)

M80's, QS8's, M22's, CHT SHO-10, Dual CHT SS-18.1's, Onkyo NR3008, Mitsubishi WD-73740