I was wondering if someone could assist. I purchased a pair of m3v3’s about 6 months or so ago, and now with well over 100 burn-in hours on them and the sound of cymbals, guitars, etc. sounds tiny to me. It doesn’t sound right. With the same setup and equipment I had been using the m3 v1’s (which I loved) before I gave them to my father, and those did not sound like these do as far as I remember. I also swapped the v3’s out temporarily with a second pair of speakers in the house (not used anymore) from a Yamaha mini system and the highs even from these cheapies did sound more real to me. Is there some sort of tweak other than the usual IC, speaker cable, etc. swap / replacement that I can do? Again, the same exact equipment was used all along even with the older axioms. For example some sort of cap or resistor added to the tweeter or something? Do I need more burn-in time?

Any help, suggestions will be much appreciated.