Here is a slightly condensed version of the PM I sent Tom:

"The biggest thing is the quality of the stainless inside the grill. Bring a magnet with you to the store . If it sticks, it is a lower quality steel. (430 grade vs 304) 304 is better.

With regard to the brands, I have been out of the loop for a full year now. In the past, this was the low down:

Broil King - 430 grade. Average life is 10 years. Within the 10 years, you will replace the sear plates (and possibly burners) 2 to 3 times.

Vt Castings - Exact same life expectancy as BK, but a much better grilling experience. Temperatures across the grill surface will be the most even you will find in this price range.

Napoleon - 304 interior parts. (Prestige line only). 10 to 15 year life expectancy but you won't be replacing parts. Mine is 12 years old with the original burners & plates. Burners are still awesome, but the plates are done. Not as even heat as Vt. Avoid Napoleon's built in China. They are awful.

Weber - I would only buy the Genesis. Spirit seemed to have cheaper build quality, and Summit (IMO) is over priced. Out of all of these brands, probably the best build quality. Just have to watch the type of interior stainless. Weber is famous for changing this depending on the retailer. FYI - If you do a lot of bbq in the dead of winter, it may not get hot enough. Same life expectancy as the Napoleon.

Your results may vary where you are, but this is our experience here in Ontario."

Everyone will have their own opinions of course, but this is what I learned working 11 years working at a fireplace shop that sold $200,000 to $300,000 BBQ's/year.

It will be almost impossible to find a grill that is 100% North American. All of them have at least some parts sourced in China. Crown Verity will be the closest you will get. The plastic knobs & wheels are the only off-shore parts.

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