Shawn, I REALLY appreciate your help.

I found a couple things I want to share.

First, unlike most electronics, there is a legitimate "build quality" factor that you really just can't evaluate without being able to touch the thing. I had a hard time - even in the Seattle metro area - putting my hands on many of the models I was interested in.

Second, there are design nuances that - likewise - you can't really ascertain easily solely from web resources. The drip-pan and bottom of the Genesis firebox have been completely redesigned compared to my older model. And they really put some thought into not only how it would perform, but also how much work I'd have to do to maintain it. I looked at a Kitchenaid brand grill at Costco; it was lovely, but the drip pan wasn't removable, and was very close to the burner bars. So, I passed.

Edit: One other thing... Weber makes "premium" versions of the Genesis models that have the enamel (rather than stainless) lid. The E-310 has enameled-cast-iron grates and burner bars but the EP-310 has stainless interior components.

Thank you again.

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